Wireless Logo Verification


Recognizable wireless logos help to communicate quality and reliability to consumers and retailers. UL is accredited by the Continua Health Alliance and the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG) to perform tests that allow manufacturers to display the Bluetooth and Continua logos on their wireless products.


Bluetooth qualification is required to use the Bluetooth trademark on wireless devices that use Bluetooth technology. Personal health products featuring the Continua logo must meet Continua conformance and interoperability requirements. UL is accredited by the Continua Health Alliance and the Bluetooth SIG to test products to their requirements.


Bluetooth Certification Testing
One of the first organizations to invest in Bluetooth testing technology in 2002, UL has built an unrivaled depth of expertise in Bluetooth wireless technology qualification.

Advantages of Bluetooth certification testing with UL include:

  • We are one of the few test facilities able to offer profile, protocol and RF testing for Bluetooth devices.
  • We are able to test to all layers of the Bluetooth protocol architecture and to all Bluetooth standards, including 4.0.
  • Testing is performed in UL’s Bluetooth-qualified test facility.
  • UL’s team includes a number of Bluetooth Qualification Experts (BQEs), whose expertise can help our customers understand the testing that’s required to bring products to market quickly.
  • We have over a decade of experience in testing a wide variety of wireless devices.

UL also offers interoperability testing, providing manufacturers the opportunity to have their product tested for performance with other Bluetooth devices on the market, such as handsets, tablets, stereos, in-car entertainment systems and others. This service provides manufacturers with increased confidence that their product will work with other Bluetooth devices.

Continua Certification Testing
As a Continua Certified™ Testing Laboratory, UL is able to perform all the necessary testing needed to gain the Continua Certified logo. Advantages to using UL for Continua Certification include:

  • Our customers can complete all medical device testing for global regulatory submissions with UL  — IEC 60601 third edition, for example, and others, including security and wireless testing.
  • UL customers can demonstrate to healthcare purchasers that devices can securely and safely interact in order to leverage the interoperability benefits offered by Continua Certified products.


For more information on UL’s wireless logo verification testing, please contact us at +44.1256.312000.


Bluetooth qualification: any product using Bluetooth technology, such as consumer electronics, mobile handsets, USB dongles, etc. Continua Health Certification testing: mobile health (mHealth) products and wireless products used in medical applications.