UL Product Lens™ Report


The green construction market is demanding green building products that offer transparency in the form of chemical disclosure. The UL Product Lens report provides manufacturers with exposure risk assessment and hazard-based disclosure for complete chemical information in context.


The Product Lens report is designed to provide manufacturers with product transparency that offers chemical hazard disclosure in a way that is clear and meaningful to buyers.

The UL Product Lens report includes an exposure risk assessment in addition to hazard-based disclosure. Risk assessments model exposure concentrations and evaluate human exposure in real-life context to determine whether or not products pose a material threat. While a chemical of concern may be contained in the product, the risk assessment determines if it presents an exposure risk or not. This information allows buyers and prospects to understand whether or not a product is potentially hazardous during typical usage scenarios rather than potentially drawing inaccurate conclusions based on a product’s chemical content.

This extensive insight provides complete context that helps manufacturers understand their materials, hazards and potential exposure risks to satisfy the transparency demands of green building markets.


By partnering with UL to deliver chemical information disclosure with the Product Lens report, manufacturers access growing sustainable building markets that are demanding this type of product transparency. In addition, manufacturers who access a Product Lens report can:

  • Appeal to growing markets demanding product transparency.
  • Help specifiers earn LEED v4 Material Ingredient disclosure credit.
  • Provide context to communicate actual risks that product ingredients pose better than other disclosure tools available, which prevents inaccurate conclusions that a product is harmful.
  • Help keep propriety product information confidential, while providing transparency into products.
  • Establish a competitive advantage over others in the marketplace.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and human health.


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