UL – Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Assessment


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has developed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) which was signed into law on January 4, 2011. FDA has been mandated by legislation to require comprehensive science-based preventive controls, inspection overseeing regulatory compliance, response to emerging problems and importation of safe food.

UL is your partner in proactively preparing to achieve compliance by integrating FSMA requirements into current food safety management systems through a Gap Assessment.

As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the safety and origin of food, UL continues to improve food safety throughout the worldwide supply chain by providing regulatory expertise. The goal is to work with food organizations; concentrating our efforts in consumer safety, product integrity, preventive controls, food protection and safety in accordance with FDA regulations.


The FSMA Assessment entails a rigorous and thorough food safety evaluation at the farm, processing, handling, or storage facility. The assessment will assist the organizations in preparation, integration and implementation of FSMA Regulation by identifying gaps within their food safety system. The UL Registrar LLC (UL R) audit team is comprised of Preventive Control Qualified Individuals (PCQI) that conduct the assessment according to the organizations technical audit scope. The evaluation will give organizations an understanding of their level of compliance to the new FDA Final Rules.


UL R is your partner in understanding the new Federal Regulations Final Rules for food. Through the assessment, UL R will identify the strengths and/or weaknesses of the organization’s Food Safety Plan, Preventive Control Application, Food Defense, Importation of Food to the USA and other FSMA related activities.

Organizations globally are mandated by the FDA to comply with these regulations according to the size of the company and extent of operation. International Food Organizations importing food into the USA are also mandated to comply with FSMA Final Rules.

Section 808 of the FD&C Act directs FDA to establish a program for the recognition of accreditation bodies that accredit third-party certification bodies to conduct food safety audits. The accredited certification bodies are to assess compliance with the provisions of the FD&C Act and to issue food and/or facility certifications that FDA may use in certain circumstances to facilitate the entry of foods presented for import. The UL FSMA Assessment program has been developed under the ANSI Gap Analysis Pilot Accreditation program using the Model Accreditation Standards that FDA has establishes to qualify 3rd party certification bodies to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts and costs.

Time is of the essence and preparation is the key element in conforming to the requirements. Accelerate your organization’s knowledge and audit readiness with UL R FSMA Assessments. UL is the global leader in safety and quality conducting these assessment worldwide. Contact UL Registrar LLC for more information at ULRinfo@ul.com.