UL 4041 Patio Furniture Safety Certification


Data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission reveals that nearly three million outdoor furniture products were recalled between 2016 and 2018 due to incidents, injuries and safety concerns. Consumers and retailers are seeking confidence that the products they buy are safe for use and durable when exposed to normal outdoor conditions.


UL worked with industry stakeholders to develop UL 4041, a Certification Document for the Safety of Outdoor Patio Furniture. This comprehensive Safety Certification program evaluates dangers like corrosion, stability, strength, shear and pinch points, endurance and durability and helps ensure that patio furniture does not present a risk of injury during typical usage and reasonably foreseeable misuse. Comprehensive and thorough, UL 4041 brings the rigor of science-based evaluations to ensure the safety and durability of patio furniture.


UL 4041 provides manufacturers and retailers of patio furniture as well as their suppliers with the confidence that they are bringing safe, high quality patio furniture products to market.  Testing products to UL 4041 provides a clear signal of a company’s commitment to product safety.

By testing to UL 4041, manufacturers and retailers of patio furniture can mitigate risk, identify potential problems early and provide third party verification of their products’ quality and performance.


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