UL’s SYSTOC® helps hospital-affiliated occupational health programs, freestanding practices and urgent care clinics streamline the process of capturing, managing and securely sharing critical healthcare information and records.


SYSTOC is a software solution that enables hospital-affiliated occupational health programs, freestanding practices and urgent care clinics to record healthcare information in real time and manage electronic healthcare records.


SYSTOC enables healthcare professionals to streamline clinic workflows and processes. As a software solution, SYSTOC can be hosted by UL or by the client. When SYSTOC is hosted by UL, UL maintains and upgrades SYSTOC, eliminating the need for organizations to devote resources to managing and securing their health management software.

SYSTOC features include:

  • Creating, storing and easily retrieving medical records with instant access to patient data
  • Creating transcribed medical records quickly with updated Tap2Chart technology
  • Customizing clinic protocols by company profile
  • Automatic routing of electronic forms to the appropriate staff
  • Batching and securely sending reports by email or fax
  • Monitoring patient location and status during patient’s visit to the facility
  • Signing records electronically
  • Billing electronically with supporting documentation
  • Streamlining the import and export of clinical data sets using HL7 standards for drug screening, radiology and lab orders

With SYSTOC EDI, insurance bills can be submitted electronically with their supporting documentation. The iSYSTOC module allows organizations to review injury cases, drug test results and physical exam results online, helping businesses to operate more productively and streamline related internal processes.

UL’s in-house health, safety and risk management experts and a dedicated team of service professionals help our customers leverage the power of SYSTOC. We can:

  • Conduct onsite assessments of systems and processes
  • Introduce SYSTOC as an easily adaptable tool to your specific healthcare environment
  • Instruct your healthcare staff and medical professionals in maximizing SYSTOC’s effectiveness
  • Provide IT, user and product support



SYSTOC is designed for use by occupational medicine providers and clinicians in provider-based clinics. Reports, forms and workflows are configurable. UL’s team of experts works with our customers to configure SYSTOC to support established workflows and train end users

Delivery Platform

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), hosted by UL
Client-hosted, hosted by the client

Ancillary Services
  • Refresher Training
  • HL7 Exchange
  • ADT Inbound Message

For more information on UL’s SYSTOC software solution, please contact us at +1.888.202.3016