Sustainability Consulting


Consumers, investors and professional purchasers are increasingly demanding more sustainable products and services. As a manufacturer or retailer you can better meet the needs of your stakeholders, drive revenue, reduce cost, mitigate risk in the market, and drive innovation across your organization by integrating sustainability into your business strategy.


Sustainability Consulting helps companies take charge of their sustainability strategies and navigate the complexities of corporate sustainability, translating environmental leadership into greater market share and increased profitability. Our experts engage with organizations to identify and capture market opportunities, manage risks, and reduce costs through their sustainability initiatives.

From establishing a sustainability strategy to validating your sustainability achievements and communicating your progress to the market, UL is your trusted partner in sustainability. Our advisory services include:

  • Validating corporate-branded sustainability portfolios or programs (e.g., waste diversion programs)
  • Promoting the integration of sustainable thinking into new product development processes through staff training (e.g., design for sustainability training)
  • Validating innovative sustainability claims
  • Establishing sustainability strategies to achieve corporate and environmental goals
  • Enabling sustainable sourcing for retailers and buyers
  • Linking product or portfolio sustainable value propositions to customer needs, and enabling product differentiation and selection
  • Developing sustainability marketing claims and messaging strategies to convey value in the marketplace in a credible, cohesive, and compelling way.

Whether it’s technical assistance to align with market demands and standards, or guidance on emerging trends and market developments, UL’s expertise in sustainability enables organizations to:

  • Decrease cost associated with manufacturing and operations
  • Increase revenue through development of better products or identification of new business opportunities
  • Gain visibility into the impacts of your products and processes, giving you insights and information needed to mitigate financial, and/or brand risk.
  • Increase supply chain transparency
  • Develop processes to reduce impact and drive innovation

Learn to target and articulate your investments in environmental and social initiatives in ways that will resonate with and compel your customers, prospects, suppliers, employees, investors, and communities.


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