Sanitation Certification


With increased consumer, media and regulatory attention on foodborne illness outbreaks and food product recalls, delivering safe food products is essential to your brand, your business and, most importantly, your customer.


UL sanitation certification indicates that representative samples of equipment used for food preparation and storage, and in food service establishments, have been tested and were found to meet applicable environmental and public health standards.


UL is a single source for multiple appliance industry services, including electrical safety, food equipment sanitation, gas appliance certification and energy efficiency. Working with UL can consolidate multiple services with one organization to more efficiently meet certification needs. UL has decades of experience with trained staff on three continents.

The UL EPH Mark is recognized and accepted in all U.S. states and Canadian provinces as a trusted source for assessing the sanitary design, construction and performance of commercial food equipment.


For more information on UL's sanitation certification services, please contact us at +1.877.UL.HELPS.


Retail food equipment, meat and poultry plant equipment, food service equipment, light fixtures, commercial warewashing equipment , commercial cooking equipment, rethermalization and powered hot-food holding and transport equipment, water heaters, hot water supply, boilers and heat recovery equipment, commercial refrigerators and freezers, commercial powered food preparation equipment, automatic ice-making equipment, manual food and beverage dispensing equipment, commercial bulk-milk dispensing equipment, vending machines for food and beverages, air curtain for entryways for food and food service establishments, mobile food carts including food vending carts, special-purpose food equipment and devices, residential dishwashers