Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification


UL’s Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification helps various segments of the food supply chain maintain a robust food safety management system and minimizes product safety related risks, which ultimately aid in reducing product recalls, promoting consumer safety and building consumer confidence.


UL is licensed by Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) to certify companies that comply with the documented requirements of the SQF Code. SQF is a vertically integrated and globally recognized GFSI Code intended to promote food safety and quality management system conformance for different sectors of the food chain, from food production on farms to distribution and storage of food products through processing/manufacturing worldwide.


UL’s expertise in the area of product safety not only helps organizations achieve their food safety objectives, but can advance the trusted reputation of an organization. In today’s information rich landscape, this is especially relevant as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the safety and quality of the food they eat.

UL’s SQF Certification helps buyers source products with confidence and encourages a consumer’s positive perception of an organization’s food brand.

Through all of its services, and based on more than a century of product safety expertise, UL is committed to adding value and helping promote a culture of continual improvement and safety in food industry organizations.