PureSafety® is UL’s workplace safety management system, designed to provide organizations with all of the tools necessary to simplify and centralize safety training and compliance programs, as well as manage incidents and accidents.

PureSafety’s powerful tracking and reporting tools seamlessly create reports, generate analytics and manage training requirements across the entire organization. The solution helps companies manage risk by increasing workplace safety awareness, monitoring potential problems and delivering customized alerts and training to help remediate safety issues.


PureSafety is a web-based software solution that combines workplace safety training and management tools in one platform.


With PureSafety, companies can leverage real-world experiences to help prevent workplace accidents and injuries. Users can report incidents, observations and near-misses any time from any computer or mobile device—anonymously, if they opt to do so. PureSafety’s “Safety Scorecard” tool provides details that help identify an organization’s safety trends in order to manage risk more effectively. Using details from real-world occurrences, the system can auto-populate in-the-moment news flashes or create customized training sessions based on actual events.

PureSafety enables organizations to:

  • Access over 800 occupational health and safety courses
  • Deliver safety training
  • Customize courses to their brand, images and equipment

All PureSafety courses are developed by a team of subject matter experts and instructional designers and are built using proven adult learning principles. PureSafety is updated as needed to address changes in compliance requirements.

UL provides our PureSafety customers with:

  • An analysis of current business practices and workflows, and guidance on best practices
  • A customized plan as well as assistance implementing the plan and using the recommended tools to their fullest potential
  • Comprehensive training and refresher instruction to help ensure that learning and understanding have been internalized
  • Ongoing customer support



PureSafety was designed to deliver benefits to employees who are required to take safety training courses, safety/training managers who need to assign training based on OSHA safety requirements, and safety managers who need to track workplace incidents/injuries and assign corrective actions and learning opportunities.

Delivery Platform

PureSafety is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. Organizations that have an existing learning management system can license UL’s safety content through our course licensing option.

Ancillary Services

Professional Services (Implementation)
Refresher Training
Private Label
Course Translation


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