Personnel Certification


UL Personnel Certification demonstrates that an individual possesses a solid foundation of skills and knowledge in a specific field of endeavor. Backed by more than a century of safety science expertise, UL's Personnel Certification programs provide a benchmark of professional excellence.


Personnel certification indicates that individuals have the skills needed to perform their work efficiently and proficiently. Certification is earned via completion of a professional training program including an exam. To ensure skills are current, recertification is required at defined intervals.


Using the expertise garnered from more than 100 years of certifying products and developing standards, UL personnel certification empowers practitioners with the real-world qualifications needed to perform their work safely and effectively, based on an industry accepted and standardized set of skills that companies and consumers can trust.

The individual and business benefits of certification include provable demonstration of particular knowledge and skills, professional recognition, and improved credibility and marketability.

New Personnel Certification Credential

UL Listed Lightning Protection System Installer
The UL Certified Lightning Protection System Installer Program is designed to help individuals distinguish themselves with a credential focused on the critical knowledge and skills of the lightning protection system industry. Enlisting in the program improves the safety and performance of lightning protection systems resulting in a more qualified workforce.

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