Mobile Spy


UL Mobile Spy is an intuitive tool for card manufacturers, handset vendors, mobile network operators, financial institutions or test laboratories seeking to analyze the communication between handsets and (universal) subscriber identity module (U)SIM cards or contactless readers. Through clear and visual representations of data, the tool provides valuable insight into interoperability and helps assure quality and cost benefits through early error detection.


UL Mobile Spy translates and visualizes communication between handsets and SIM/USIM cards or contactless readers.


The Mobile Spy tool supports a comprehensive range of standards in specific translations, including for ISO, GSM, 3G, CDMA, CAT_TP, RAM over HTTP, SWP/HCI, contactless/NFC, MIFARE and GlobalPlatform.

The tool provides a basic ISO 7816 command translator, with decoding of the T=0 and T=1 protocols over the ISO 7816 interface. It also includes several basic searches and a number of powerful core features such as translations, searches, filters, inspections and timeline.

UL Mobile Spy translates GSM, 3G, cdma2000 and contactless communications, and supports the ISO 7816 and SWP/HCI protocols as well as GlobalPlatform. For SWP/HCI, the timeline shows events on all HCI pipes. To simplify spying and setup, HCI network state information can be saved from a session for use in other sessions.

Each module adds a number of new searches, filters and inspections for a specific protocol when included in the UL Mobile Spy tool. Depending on specific lines of business, these modules are conveniently bundled to provide a complete package covering all spying and testing requirements.

In addition, the UL Mobile Spy tool helps customers:

  • Translate SAT/USAT in GSM, 3G and cdma2000 modules
  • Provide advanced high-level translation, including SIM toolkit, Bearer Independent Protocol (BIP) and over the air (OTA)
  • Synchronize spying on Single Wire Protocol (SWP) and contactless interfaces
  • Share logs with other interested parties using the free-of-charge UL Mobile Spy Trace Viewer


Ancillary Services

Technical Support

To verify that customers can effectively use the tool and gain maximum benefit, UL offers a service contract for tools that provides access to our technical support services. Our experienced technical team is able to provide support, advice and guidance.

The following support services are covered:

  • New releases
  • Help desk support
  • Bug fixes
  • Instant hardware replacement