Mobile Card Test Platform


UL Mobile Card Test Platform is a comprehensive test tool for UICC, USIM and SIM application developers and testers seeking a stable testing environment.


UL Mobile Card Test Platform tests universal integrated circuit card (UICC) or (universal) subscriber identity module (U-SIM) applications that are under development by simulating a mobile phone. The simulation’s behavior can be controlled or predicted to allow users to check whether a card responds as specified and expected in all possible scenarios before being released to the market.


UL Mobile Card Test Platform provides application developers and testers with a trusted and comprehensive means to simulate a mobile phone. Key benefits for users include:

  • Powerful and flexible scripting abilities
  • Off-the-shelf, fully automated test suites
  • Quick rejection or acceptance of new cards
  • Batch scripts to streamline testing
  • Ease of use with Aspects Spy for fast debugging
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Ability to share exported test certificates with other interested parties by using a free Mobile Spy trace viewer

In combination with hardware devices, UL Mobile Card Test Platform delivers a powerful method for testing applications on the UICC. The platform’s flexibility enables writing and running test scripts, and creating clear and concise test certificates to provide a reliable audit trail.

To customize test scripts and test suites, UL Card Test Platform supports the following Application Programming Interfaces (APIs):

  • 3G API
  • GlobalPlatform API

UL Card Test Suites are an efficient way of validating a card against relevant 3GPP specifications.


Ancillary Services

Technical Support

To confirm that customers can effectively use the tool and gain maximum benefit, UL offers a service contract for tools that provides access to our technical support services. Our experienced technical team is able to provide support, advice and guidance.

The following support services are covered:

  • New releases
  • Help desk support
  • Bug fixes
  • Instant hardware replacement