Marketing Claim Verification


In the highly connected, transparent marketplace of today, verification of marketing claims plays an increasingly crucial role in the decision-making process of buyers and consumers around the world. UL’s marketing claim verification service helps brands and manufacturers cut through the noise in the market by bringing credibility to claims and delivering trust to those looking to make tough buying decisions. Additionally, we enable our marketing claim Verification customers to leverage the established objectivity and power of the UL brand through a specially designed mark only available from UL for use on products and in advertising, packaging and promotions. Companies utilizing our claim Verification can deliver confidence and peace of mind to purchasers and end users that they’re getting what they’ve paid for.


UL determines the accuracy of marketing claims related to the performance, functionality or features of products, facilities, processes and systems that consumers or end users are unable to easily assess on their own. Our claim verification service is based on rigorous, repeatable and independent assessments. Companies that successfully have a claim verified by UL are eligible to use the specially created UL Verified Mark to showcase that their claim is backed by an objective, science-based process leveraging our trusted technical expertise and capabilities.


Not all products are created equal, but it can seem that way in the market. Our marketing claim verification service can help companies demonstrate to the marketplace that the claims they’re making are accurate, truthful and credible. In fact, third-party substantiation from UL can be a powerful tool to emphasize a benefit or positive aspect of a product or service and help reassure skeptical or first-time buyers on the path to purchase.


Once a marketing claim has been Verified, the specially designed UL Verified Mark can be used by companies to differentiate themselves from competitors who simply self-declare their marketing claims or who fail to offer tangible proof of benefits. The UL Verified Mark embodies the reputation of the UL brand—one of the world’s most trusted names in safety science—and signals a company’s commitment to rigorous, third-party scrutiny to delivering on the needs of buyers and end users. The UL Verified Mark describes the marketing claim that was confirmed by the technical expertise and capabilities of UL, and contains a unique identifier for easy access to additional information about a Verified claim.


Our marketing claim Verification experts work closely with each company to understand unique market needs and the key aspects of all marketing claims. In many cases, UL can develop a customized assessment plan to support company requirements. In other cases, UL offers verification of standardized claims. All of our Verified marketing claims are backed by our deep technical expertise and integrity of UL.


Our marketing claim verifications expire after a set time period or are reassessed on a defined basis to determine that verified claims remain accurate.



This service applies to products, processes, facilities and systems across a broad range of industries.