Level 1 Radio Frequency Interoperability Testing


Radio Frequency Interoperability testing checks whether a contactless smart card, NFC-enabled mobile device or other contactless payment product can communicate with a contactless point of sale (POS) terminal and other contactless card acceptance devices.

UL has extensive experience performing EMVCo Level 1 certifications, and has test facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to measure and test radio frequency fields.


Radio Frequency Interoperability testing helps ensure that the Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled card, NFC mobile device, NFC payment terminal or other NFC form factor can communicate with each other.


The goal of Radio Frequency Interoperability testing is to objectively assess the performance of the radio frequency connection between a specific NFC device (e.g., mobile handset) and other NFC devices in the market (e.g., payment terminal).

An NFC antenna varies with respect to size, shape and position. From the radio frequency perspective, this variation hugely affects communication performance, especially when the NFC devices are tapped in different orientations. UL has discovered that specific metal parts, angles and distance issues frequently cause problems that can easily be resolved with prior knowledge of the root causes of these issues.

UL’s Level 1 Radio Frequency Interoperability testing service provides an additional test set that bridges the gap between the existing certifications and real world usage. These tests can best be done during EMVCo Level 1 certification.

The typical form factors we test are:

  • NFC Handsets
  • Payment terminals (NFC enabled)
  • Payment card (NFC enabled)
  • NFC stickers

The key benefit for our customers is gaining a clear overview of performance of an NFC device with regard to communicating with other NFC devices in the field. This will allow you to make an informed decision about introducing the NFC device to the market.

UL also supports you in issue resolution by analyzing the issue and initiating communication with other vendors, if necessary. Furthermore, we can advise you on mitigating actions that can be taken.



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