Level 1 EMVCo Card Type Approval


With extensive knowledge built up after more than 20 years of experience testing smart cards and RF devices, UL’s Transaction Security laboratory is positioned as a market leader for test approval of contact and contactless cards used in the payment, transport and identity markets.


EMVCo established the Card Type Approval process, creating a mechanism to test compliance with EMV and Common Payment Application (CPA) Specifications. All EMVCo application and payment scheme application contact and contactless card products have to comply with EMV specifications and testing requirements.


The Level 1 EMVCo Card Type Approval process provides an increased level of confidence that interoperability and consistent behavior between compliant applications are achieved.

UL’s engineers actively participate in the development of the ISO and EMVCo testing standards for contactless smart cards, and are extremely knowledgeable about the latest trends and developments. Being one of the first accredited EMVCo contactless laboratories, UL is well positioned to support you in interpreting these standards with its pre-qualification services during your product development cycle.

UL offers dedicated test facilities for both pre-qualification and formal approval testing services. Its accredited laboratories use EMVCo qualified testing tools and audited test platforms to perform testing against EMVCo Level 1 contact and contactless requirements in dedicated and environment-controlled testing facilities.

The Level 1 testing for contact smart cards encompasses electrical characteristics, 3 volt and 5 volt operations, answer to reset (ATR) and for T=0 and T=1 communication protocols with environmental situations.

Contactless card products also have to comply with EMV contactless specifications and testing requirements.

The testing needs to be performed separately for each protocol when the product supports both protocols. Regression testing may apply, depending on the product configuration.

For the mobile payment handset product, only the Level 1 contactless testing set by EMVCo is relevant, known as a Contactless Mobile Payment (CMP) Product Type Approval process.

Services include:

  • Level 1 EMVCo Electrical
  • Level 1 EMVCo Protocol
  • Level 1 EMVCo Analog
  • Level 1 EMVCo Digital



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