Innovative Claims Validation


UL is uniquely qualified to develop sustainability evaluation standards where none exist and do so as a part of their Innovative Claims Validation offering. For companies that are true innovators when it comes to developing products and processes that support sustainability, Innovative Claims Validation from UL allows them to earn third party validation of those claims in order to share their accomplishments with the marketplace, differentiating them as leaders in sustainability.


UL’s Innovative Claims Validation is designed to provide companies who are pioneering innovative sustainability practices and products with third party validation of their accomplishments.
To earn a custom UL Environmental Claim Validation mark, manufacturers undergo a process of protocol development and evaluation of their innovative system to validate their sustainability achievements. Claims are then re-evaluated on an annual basis.


By pursuing Innovative Claims Validation, companies can truly stand out among their peers as pioneers in sustainability. By displaying a UL Environmental Claim Validation mark from UL, a recognized and trusted testing and certification body, companies clearly and compellingly communicate their sustainability leadership to consumers, businesses and regulatory agencies.

The validation process also provides keen insights into your internal operations, often revealing opportunities for cost savings and increased efficiencies. It also provides an audit trail to mitigate risk in case of customer complaints or regulatory inquiries.


  • Report
  • Validation Statement
  • Custom UL Environmental Claim Validation Mark

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