In-Situ Testing


UL offers in-situ (in place) electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electro-magnetic field (EMF) testing for devices that are too large to be tested at a standard laboratory facility. Our global network of dedicated EMC testing facilities provides comprehensive, cost-effective assessments of electronic products that must comply with EMC regulatory requirements. We bring this expertise with us when performing in-situ testing.


UL’s in-situ EMC and EMF testing is performed on a device set in place in its intended final environment. This service is offered for devices such as mobile phone masts and base stations, electrical substations, and industrial heating units that are too big to be tested within a facility.


UL can tailor EMC and EMF test methodology and documentation to our customers’ specifications, and offer expert advice to help ensure the most efficient use of time and budget. Leveraging UL’s expertise during the development process can help avoid costly errors in the design phase and speed time to market.

UL’s automated EMC testing capabilities enable us to offer efficient EMC compliance testing to meet time-to-market needs. We develop tailored testing solutions, using software automation to enhance process efficiency, analyze results and reduce testing cycles.

Workers or the general public may be concerned about exposure to sources of EMF and radio frequency energy generated by large facilities. UL’s in-situ EMF testing service can perform the testing at the site to produce an independent report of power density for comparison to the reference levels for human exposure contained in the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines. For this service, UL provides an easy-to-read report with “traffic light” compliance and bar-graph comparison between radio services.


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Mobile phone masts, base stations, electrical sub-stations and industrial heating units