Greener Product Framework


UL’s Greener Product Framework offering enables companies to measure and monitor their sustainability accomplishments as well as embed sustainable thinking into the earliest stages of product development for improved sustainability focus and performance across the organization.


UL’s Greener Product Framework consists of three distinct services, designed to allow companies to select precisely the level of sustainability support they need.

Product – UL helps companies develop product criteria including measurable environmental performance indicators, associated benefits and implementation plan.

Organization – Whether encouraging supply chain partners or internal employees to follow sustainability best practices as defined by the organization, UL can develop a customized plan. UL’s experienced team can develop an organization-wide protocol and evaluation to establish and communicate the new program and then conduct an audit to ensure conformance.

Design for Sustainability - Designed to empower product design teams to make sustainability a priority early in the product development process, UL’s Design for Sustainability imparts essential knowledge through training and best practices.


In a world where buyers are increasingly aware of and sensitive to companies’ commitment to the environment, UL’s Greener Product Framework allows companies to establish sustainability as a priority in their business through formal training, program development and evaluation. Companies that embed sustainable thinking into their product development processes often achieve more efficient and cost-effective product sustainability performance. With the Greener Product Framework, companies can engage employees, suppliers and partners in an effort to achieve sustainability improvements that save money, reduce liability, and make for better products.

Third-party validation from UL also helps companies communicate their sustainability accomplishments clearly and compellingly to consumers, partners and regulatory agencies.


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