GlobalPlatform Compliance Test Suites


UL GlobalPlatform Compliance Test Suites provide a comprehensive solution for testing mobile devices according to GlobalPlatform’s test specifications and qualifications program.


UL GlobalPlatform Compliance Test Suites provide a complete set of qualified card and device test suites for GlobalPlatform-approved test labs, card manufacturers, mobile device manufacturers and mobile network operators seeking to test a card or mobile device in line with GlobalPlatform specifications.


GlobalPlatform has created a series of configurations that specify the features and restrictions of a card based on the needs of specific industries. UL GlobalPlatform Compliance Test Suites have been built from the official GlobalPlatform test plans, and cover all tests mandated by GlobalPlatform. Our complete set of test suites:

  •  Tests a Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC), embedded secure element or mobile device according to GlobalPlatform specifications
  • Ensures a high level of compliance and interoperability
  • Is flexible, portable, easy to set up
  • Is backed by expertise in mobile and compliance test tools
  • Operates on top of UL’s state-of-the-art conclusion test manager
  • Is qualified by the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program as a GlobalPlatform Qualified Tool


Ancillary Services

Technical Support

To verify that customers can effectively use the tool and gain maximum benefit, UL offers a service contract for tools that provides access to our technical support services. Our experienced technical team is able to provide support, advice and guidance.

The following support services are covered:

  • New releases
  • Help desk support
  • Bug fixes
  • Instant hardware replacement