Field Inspection Service


UL's field inspection provides a solution for installed equipment and products that have active UL certification but are not properly labeled with the UL Mark. In these cases, UL can provide an on-site inspection to allow such products or equipment to be field-labeled, saving time and costs associated with removal for relabeling.


UL field inspections are intended for installed equipment and products that have active UL certification but do not bear the UL Mark due to factory labeling errors, inadvertent removal of the label, or that have undergone minor modifications. To qualify for this service, the certified equipment or products must also have been manufactured at a UL-authorized manufacturing facility in accordance with UL's Follow-Up Services requirements and should not have been in use for more than one year or covered by the general coverage category for signs. If qualified, products/equipment can be labeled on the spot.


Our field inspection service enables certain products that have earned UL certification to carry the UL Mark. This service saves the time and costs associated with the removal of products and equipment lacking evidence of certification. Field inspections may also expedite red-tag removal from equipment with on-location labeling service. A UL applicant, manufacturer or distributor (for fire door and fire door frames only) identified in a product’s Follow-Up Services documentation can request a field inspection.

In addition, if equipment or products have been red tagged, we will contact the local code authority to fully understand any specific concerns prior to conducting a field inspection. Once the equipment or products are inspected and found to be in compliance, the UL label can be applied.


For more information on UL's field inspections services, please contact us at 1.877.UL.HELPS (1.877.854.3577). To apply for a UL field inspection, please complete our online form. Once the application has been received and reviewed, a UL field representative will contact you to schedule the inspection.

Please note: All inspection, measuring and test equipment required as part of the UL Follow-Up Service documentation or required to conduct a field inspection is to be provided by the applicant, manufacturer or on-site contact. This equipment must also be calibrated and included in a calibration system.


Certain products with an active UL certification, manufactured at a UL authorized facility and in use for less than one year.