EMC Training


UL has been offering EMC testing and advisory services for more than 20 years, helping businesses attain the credentials needed to get their products to market. Our customers can further leverage expert technical guidance in this space with UL's EMC training, which provides an in-depth understanding of EMC regulatory requirements for the development, design and layout of printed circuit boards and systems.


EMC training provides an understanding of the fundamental concepts of Maxwell’s equations – the four fundamental equations detailing the behavior of electric and magnetic fields – as well as other best practices related to printed circuit board design and layout and regulatory compliance requirements.


Training is designed to provide actionable knowledge aligned with businesses’ goal of building compliant products while avoiding costly delays in the development and regulatory approval processes. UL offers three EMC training courses to meet the needs of our customers:

  • Fundamentals of Applied EMC Engineering: This two-day workshop provides an overview of the basic aspects of Maxwell’s equations and also addresses concerns related to printed circuit board design and layout in achieving EMC.
  • Grounding and Shielding for System-Level Noise Reduction: This two-day course focuses on EMC related to the design of circuits and systems and provides detailed information on the development, propagation and reception of unwanted RF fields both to and from an environment within which a system is installed. Grounding and shielding, the two main EMC concerns, are also covered extensively.
  • Signal Integrity and EMC Considerations in Printed Circuit Board Design: This training course includes hands-on techniques related to the design and layout of printed circuit boards relative to signal integrity and EMC and also covers regulatory compliance requirements.


Upon completion of any EMC training course, individuals will receive a certificate of completion that can be used for fulfillment of CEU requirements (based on jurisdiction).

For more information on UL EMC training, please contact UL Educational Solutions at 1.888.503.3356.


Printed circuit boards and systems, industrial control equipment, high tech (audio/visual, IT and telecommunications equipment), health and medical equipment and appliances