Ecosystem Testing


Validate the strength of your network security perimeter

A very important part of your overall IT infrastructure is your network. This is the entry point to your IT systems for your customers, employees, but also for any attacker that may want to ‘get in’.

By definition, such attackers make use of one or more vulnerabilities in your network. Vulnerabilities may be caused by flaws in software, weak passwords, defective configurations and human errors, to name but a few possibilities.

Ecosystem Testing is a methodological search for possible vulnerabilities in your network. UL’s vulnerability analysis and penetration testing to exploit identified vulnerabilities can effectively expose security’s weakest links.

Vulnerability Analysis

Cybercriminals are actively hunting for vulnerabilities and weaknesses to exploit. Finding just one vulnerability may be all they need to gain access to an organization’s critical assets. UL’s vulnerability analysis helps organizations to timely identify vulnerabilities and through additional review and testing understand whether or not they can be exploited.

Penetration Testing

The level and the sophistication of the attacks in the digital space is increasingly rapidly. Hackers are using new and innovative tools and techniques to circumvent your organization’s perimeter of security. One way to gain assurance that your network defenses are up to task is to actually try and defeat them. This is what UL network penetration testing is about.