ECOLOGO Certification


UL ECOLOGO® Certification delivers comprehensive value to help companies and manufacturers gain a competitive edge and win in the marketplace by communicating that their product, service or package has reduced environmental impact.


ECOLOGO® Certification is based on multiattribute, life cycle–based standards. All products certified to an ECOLOGO® standard must meet or exceed each of the listed criteria before receiving the mark. ECOLOGO® Certification is classified as an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Type 1 ecolabel and has been successfully assessed by the Global Ecolabeling Network, further demonstrating its credibility.


The ECOLOGO® program offers credible third-party certification of products and services to build and strengthen trust between buyers and suppliers, customers and manufacturers.

ECOLOGO® is recognized or referenced in more than 350 specifications and standards, and UL Environment has public affairs and outreach teams dedicated to continuing to enhance market adoption.

ECOLOGO® standards offer both environmental leadership and human health and safety criteria that are scientifically developed, multistakeholder reviewed and robustly vetted.


Product Listing(s) in the UL Sustainable Product Guide

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United States and Canada

European Union

Greater China

Japan and Korea


Products in a wide variety of industries, including cleaning products, electronics, paper, inks, toys, office products and building materials.


Building Materials, Flooring, Chemicals and Plastics
UL 100 Gypsum Boards and Panels
UL 102 Door Leafs
UL 106 Luminaires (under development)
UL 126 Plastic Film Products (formerly CCD 126)
UL 2761 Sealants and Caulking Compounds (formerly CCD 045)
UL 2762 Adhesives (formerly CCD 046)
UL 2767 Paint and Varnish Remover (formerly CCD 051)
UL 2768 Architectural Surface Coatings (formerly CCD 47)
UL 2769 Corrosion Protection Control (formerly CCD 60)
UL 2791 Drain and/or Grease Trap Additives – Alternative (formerly CCD 113)
UL 2798 Biological Digestion Additives for Cleaning and Odor Control (formerly CCD 112)
UL 2830 Septic Tank Additives (formerly CCD 116)

Cleaning, Sanitary Paper and Personal Care Products
UL 175 Sanitary Paper Products
UL 2759 Hard Surface Cleaners (formerly CCD 146)
UL 2776 Liquid Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softeners (formerly CCD 105)
UL 2777 Hard Floor Care Products (formerly CCD 147)
UL 2780 Urinal Blocks (formerly CCD 165)
UL 2781 Pool and Spa Water Treatment Products (formerly CCD 171)
UL 2783 Instant Hand Antiseptics (formerly CCD 170)
UL 2784 Hand Cleaners (formerly CCD 104)
UL 2792 Biologically Based Cleaning and Degreasing Compounds (formerly CCD 110)
UL 2794 Disinfectants and Disinfectant Cleaners (formerly CCD 166)
UL 2795 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners (formerly CCD 148)
UL 2796 Odor Control Additives (formerly CCD 115/107)
UL 2797 RV and Marine Holding Tank Treatment (formerly CCD 114)
UL 2829 Laundry Bleach (formerly CCD 106)
UL 2845 Personal Care (formerly CCD103)

Office Products
UL 2771 Paper Products (formerly CCD 77)
UL 2773 Pens, Mechanical Pencils and Other Writing Instruments (formerly CCD 168)
UL 2826 Paperboard

UL 110 Mobile Phones
UL 2801 Printing Inks (formerly CCD 40)
UL 2803 Lithographic Printing Services/Digital Printing (formerly CCD 041/141)
UL 2810 Digital Cameras
UL 2841 Slate-Style Tablet Computers
UL 2853 Mobile Hotspots

Other Standards, Including Renewable Energy, GHG-Neutral, Events and More
UL 172 Toys (formerly CCD 172)
UL 2763 Harmonic Cancellation Transformers – Energy (formerly CCD 015)
UL 2764 Hot Water Heating Boiler – Gas-Fired (formerly CCD 012)
UL 2765 Hot Water Storage Tanks – Indirect Gas-Fired (formerly CCD 008)
UL 2766 Heating and Cooling Systems for Buildings (formerly CCD 001)
UL 2770 Commercial Car Wash Services (formerly CCD 061)
UL 2774 Events (formerly CCD 95)
UL 2778 Recycled Plastic Products (formerly CCD 127)
UL 2779 Dust Suppressants (formerly CCD 160)
UL 2782 Solid Biofuels (formerly CCD 74)
UL 2817 Pulp (formerly CCD 075)
UL 2826 Paperboard (formerly CCD 076)
UL 2836 Refrigerant Collection (formerly CCD 161)
UL 7001 Refrigerator Collection Program (formerly CCD 161)
CCD 003 Renewable Low-Impact Electricity Products