Data Acceptance Program (DAP)


UL's Data Acceptance Program (DAP) provides a means for UL to accept externally generated test data in support of UL Mark certification. Product investigations by UL typically involve testing of product samples. While UL maintains extensive test facilities, customers can also utilize their own or third-party facilities for product testing via UL's DAP.

Participating test facilities are required to have the appropriate physical resources, equipment and qualified personnel needed to conduct testing, equivalent to what would be used in UL's own laboratories for the same testing. Additional programs (TCP and PPP) allow the customer to conduct a large portion of the engineering evaluations on behalf of UL.


UL offers five different types of data acceptance programs:

  • Witness Test Data Program (WTDP)
  • Client Test Data Program (CTDP)
  • Third-Party Test Data Program (TPTDP)
  • Total Certification Program (TCP)
  • The Preferred Partner Program (PPP)

After a data acceptance program is established, UL will reassess a test laboratory annually. All data submitted is thoroughly reviewed and audited by UL before being used for certification. The TCP and PPP program offer the additional engineering element that will require the customer engineers to undergo a technical review of the UL Standard.


UL's Data Acceptance Program provides qualified customers a number of advantages. The largest advantage is the increased control over the timing and schedule for their product testing and certification program. The number one delay for projects is a non-conforming test result. Having the ability to identify these issues and have their engineering team available at the test location results in faster resolution.

Providing UL with a data sheet ready package at the time of submittal eliminates test time and allows UL to decrease the turnaround time for DAP participant’s projects. Our customers see an increase in delivering speed, market access and flexibility.

Conducting testing at your site on your own schedule is a more flexible way to enable your business to obtain our market-leading certifications for your products.


Customer meets DAP requirements and can submit data for UL certification  

For more information on UL's data acceptance program, please contact us at 847.664.1499.


Any product that can be certified by UL