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In the built environment, UL and ULC certified firestop and joint systems are a critical safeguard against the spread of heat, fire or smoke through gaps in floors and walls. These gaps made during construction include joints, openings or penetrations through a fire-resistance-rated wall or floor. The expertise of a qualified firestop contractor is needed to select and install a code-compliant system to protect penetrations of fire-resistance-rated wall and horizontal assemblies. As a global leader in testing and certifying firestop systems, UL assesses and qualifies contractor companies that undertake installations for the protection of structural penetrations and joint systems, certifying them as a UL or ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor for the U.S., Middle Eastern and Canadian markets.


UL’s program provides a certificate to contractor companies that demonstrate knowledge of firestop products and have established quality management systems concerning training, installation, and proper handling of firestop and joint system components.


A company certification from UL offers an important differentiator for building contractors and companies. Increasingly, construction project specifications are demanding that a certified UL or ULC Qualified Firestop Contractors install firestop systems.

Being UL certified helps increase a firestop contractor’s chances for success when bidding for projects by providing architects, specifiers, manufacturers and general contractors with the confidence that firestop systems will be installed to requirements.

The UL and ULC Qualified Firestop Contractors program is a voluntary, third-party certification in accordance with U.S. or Canadian code requirements. These separate programs include two critical elements required of all participating contract firms:

  • Firms must employ at least one designated responsible individual (DRI) with firestop and joint system expertise and experience demonstrated by successfully completing an exam and meeting additional requirements.
  • Firms must effectively implement and maintain a management system focused on selection and installation of firestop systems as demonstrated by an audit at the contractor’s facility and jobsite on an annual basis.

When selecting certified firestop contractors that continuously use best practices to properly install systems, the results are:

  • Increased quality and safety resulting from the correct installation of firestopping systems
  • Reduced costs by selecting and installing firestop systems correctly the first time

UL and ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor companies are included in UL’s online directory, a resource used by architects, specifiers and general contractors to identify and select firestop contractors for their projects.

Furthermore, UL and ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor companies can promote their Qualified Contractor status by displaying the UL or ULC Qualified Contractor Program logo and certificate in their promotional materials.

UL and ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor companies are located throughout the United States, Canada and the Middle Eastern Region ensuring wide coverage throughout much of the regions where UL or ULC certified firestopping and joint system materials are accepted.



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