Code Evaluation Service


In some situations, individual safety certifications for building products and materials may be insufficient to determine full compliance with code-based requirements such as those found in the International Building Code (IBC) and International Mechanical Code (IMC).

To meet these needs, UL’s code evaluation service helps deliver technical guidance for code authorities, architects, designers, contractors, specifiers and other built environment influencers through the issuance of UL evaluation reports.


UL’s code evaluation service helps in determining code compliance for products when:

  • Model installation codes have yet to address a product.
  • Model installation codes lack specific and clear product requirements.
  • Model installation codes have multiple requirements for a product covered by multiple standards.



With more than a century of trusted safety testing, inspection and certification expertise, UL is uniquely qualified to deliver high-quality, technical evaluation reports to help get products to market in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.

With the UL code evaluation service, customers receive:

  • A comprehensive review of products and systems in accordance with relevant code requirements
  • A review of test data from accredited laboratories
  • A UL evaluation report
  • Inclusion of UL evaluation reports in UL’s Online Certifications Directory, which has advanced search capabilities
  • Inclusion in UL’s Code Correlation Database
  • Ready acceptance by authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), architects and contractors


Our product safety experts perform code evaluation services as an extension of our traditional product safety evaluation activities. The work involves a UL review of the product’s construction, test data and installation details.

If a product satisfies code requirements, UL will deliver a report of our findings to our customer. The report holder also undergoes product inspections and quality inspection services similar to UL’s traditional follow-up services and inspection audits to ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. AC10 Requirements.


For more information on UL’s code evaluation service, please contact us at 1.847.664.2687.


This service applies to a wide variety of building products and products used within buildings such as thermal protection products, weather barriers, steep-slope roofing, membrane roofing, roof and wall specialties and accessories, fire and smoke protection, plaster and gypsum board, cast decks and underlayments, and grease ducts.


Evaluation is in accordance with applicable model building codes, e.g., IBC, IMC, IRC and acceptance criteria.