Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suites


Contactless payment technology and applications continue to advance with increasing market demand. Backed by our extensive expertise in payment and mobile compliance test tools, UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suites provide a trusted, state-of-the-art testing tool to help customer payment applications meet the latest requirements for market success.


UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suites test payment card implementations based on host card emulation (HCE) and cloud-based specifications.

This comprehensive tool offers a complete set of test suites for mobile payment application developers, card issuers, test labs and general businesses that want to test payment card implementations based on HCE and cloud-based specifications from the major payment schemes.

Test suites are available for each of the following payment application implementation specifications:

  • Visa Cloud-based Payments Contactless Specifications (VCPCS)
  • MasterCard Cloud-based Payments specifications

With an ever-increasing adoption and acceptance rate by consumers, vendors and retailers, NFC-enabled (near field communication) devices are providing an expanding range of applications to perform contactless payments via mobile devices and handsets.

Our cloud-based testing suites platform can help customers navigate compliance and certification needs in this evolving landscape. It is a robust tool for testing payment applications implemented as a mobile device application against payment scheme specifications.

At present, payment schemes develop cloud-based payment product specifications according to their specific business requirements and targeted markets. For this reason, each payment scheme separately publishes its specifications and implements certification procedures.

UL offers test suites to test the compliance of payment applications based on the Visa and MasterCard specifications. We can help customers with precertification and ultimately lead to quicker certification by test laboratories, or by payment schemes such as Visa or MasterCard.

Through extensive technical expertise in the world of digital transactions and our understanding of the product development process, UL is a compelling partner for cloud-based payment application testing and certification. Our test suites are able to help:

  • Shorten the development cycle
  • Provide a fully automated test execution
  • Deliver clear and easily understandable issue reporting
  • Perform high-quality precertification self-testing
  • Test against the latest payment scheme specifications
  • Offer high levels of security, compliance and interoperability
  • Manage testing from a state-of-the-art UL Conclusion Test Manager


Ancillary Services

Technical Support

To verify that customers can effectively use the tool and gain maximum benefit, UL offers a service contract for tools that provides access to our technical support services. Our experienced technical team is able to provide support, advice and guidance.

The following support services are covered:

  • New releases
  • Help desk support
  • Bug fixes
  • Instant hardware replacement