Certificated Agency Program


During the product certification process, some manufacturers engage a third-party agency to work with UL on their behalf. Agencies have different levels of expertise, business experience, and ability to help customers. However, despite the large number of agencies that exist, the global product certification industry has no program or criteria for determining their competence. To help customers choose an independent agency whose services will be both effective and beneficial, UL launched the Certificated Agency Program.


UL’s Certificated Agency Program is an optional credentialing program for third-party individuals or companies that work as an intermediary between UL and product certification customers.


UL helps agencies promote—and customers recognize—a distinct, global standard of service quality and expertise that has been evaluated through the Certificated Agency Program.

Hundreds of agencies compete globally to provide value-added product certification services to manufacturers and product developers. UL can help agencies strengthen their competitive differentiation with a trusted Certificated Agency Program recognition.

The Certificated Agency Program involves a fee-free application, an evaluation of past product certification work with UL, and an initial audit of an agency’s facilities.

Certificated Agency Program candidates have typically already worked with UL for several years as non-credentialed agents. They apply to UL for program participation and are evaluated by UL for program eligibility based on:

  • A sufficient amount of work submitted to UL for customers
  • Positive feedback from UL staff with whom they have worked
  • A positive reputation within the testing, inspection, and certification industry
  • Other factors demonstrating their competence to work with UL customers

If determined to be eligible for the Certificated Agency Program, a candidate agency works with UL to complete the necessary due diligence such as the Certificated Agency Program legal agreement and initial audit of facilities.

Upon successful completion, the new Certificated Agency Program agency will receive:

  • The Certificated Agency Program certificate, valid for three years
  • Listing in UL’s Online Certifications Directory (category AACA)
  • Use of the Certificated Agency Program symbol on marketing materials

Although UL will not recommend a specific agency to customers, we do recommend that our customers work with a Certificated Agency Program agency.


For more information on UL’s Certificated Agency Program, please contact us at 1.360.817.5699.


This applies to all products.


Numerous Certificated Agency Program audit criteria are similar to other quality system requirements, such as those found in ISO 9000 or ISO 17025.