Brand Audit


A consistent brand is an essential business asset that helps attract sales and promote customer loyalty. UL’s customizable brand audit and reporting program is designed to fulfill the distinctive needs of retailers, helping ensure the integrity and proper usage of brand marketing across touch points and locations.


UL’s independent and objective brand audit program detects areas for improvement, minimizes exposure to brand deviations and identifies threats to brand image and market drivers such as customer service, sales materials, POP signage and speed of service.

We determine expectation checkpoints in retail facilities in food, hospitality and retail operations including:

  • Consistent messaging
  • Product quality
  • Speed of service
  • Unit economics
  • Cleanliness

A strong brand image is as essential as the products supplied to a retailer’s customers. A consistent and compelling brand expression is fundamental to successful business development, expansion and defense. High brand standards must be created and maintained; leaving them unchecked is a threat to a retailer’s brand. For multiunit retailers, brand auditing—whether locally or globally—needs to be performed with some frequency to help mitigate risk and maintain a consistent image.

Our brand audit program helps identify areas that need attention by implementing targeted brand image and expectation checkpoints in retail facilities in their food, hospitality and retail operations.

Furthermore, UL’s portfolio of safety and brand audit retail programs use capability, performance and compliance protocols to help ensure consistency and build consumer confidence in a brand. We facilitate a one-to-one dynamic with franchise and corporate standards to help deliver a consistently high-quality customer experience.


For more information on UL’s brand audits, please contact us at 1.877.532.5326.


Multiple-unit restaurants, retailers, supermarket chains, wholesale clubs