UL benchmarks help you measure, understand and manage the performance of the devices you depend on every day.


Our talented team creates the industry's most trusted and widely used performance benchmarks and system tests for desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, servers and VR systems.

  • 3DMark - is a popular gaming performance benchmark used by millions of people, hundreds of hardware review sites and many of the world’s leading technology companies. Test your PC with this easy to use app then compare its performance online.
  • PCMark - is the ideal benchmark for businesses and governments seeking a vendor-neutral solution. PCMark helps businesses and governments specify and compare the performance and battery life of PCs, notebooks, and tablets.
  • VRMark - is a benchmarking application for measuring VR performance. It includes two benchmark tests that run on your monitor, no headset required. At the end of each test, you see whether your PC is VR ready, and if not, how far it falls short.
  • Servermark - brings UL's impartial and trusted expertise to IT professionals searching for accurate and reliable benchmarks for testing server performance. Servermark benchmarks are also easy to install, run and understand, which means you can make informed purchasing decisions with confidence.

UL benchmarks are:

  • Accurate - Precise, targeted tests that produce consistent, reliable results.
  • Relevant - They use realistic workloads to measure things that matter to the end user.
  • Impartial - They are free from bias towards vendors, products or techniques.
  • Practical - Simple to set up and run with results that are easy to understand and compare.

UL benchmarks are developed in partnership with leading manufacturers using a transparent process that’s been government vetted for neutrality.

Each benchmark is built to test the most important features of a device's hardware and software in a fair and neutral way.

UL benchmarks are used throughout industry, by hundreds of press publications and millions of consumers around the world.

Governments and public bodies rely on UL benchmarks to provide a vendor-neutral solution when tendering for IT systems.

We maintain the world's largest and most comprehensive online hardware performance database, using millions of benchmark results to help you find the best hardware and devices.

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