Technical guidance documents

Below are the technical guidance documents and other DAP requirements that are available for DAP laboratory use.

DAP Guides for Clients Document Number Revision Number Date of Revision
Appeals process 00-OP-C0042 4.0 2016-09-22 / Updated DAP E-Mail Address
DAP requirements for 1st Edition
of AAMI ES 60601-1
00-OP-C0400 3.0 2015-06-02
Data recording, reporting and related requirements 00-OP-C0025 11.0 2016-8-3 / Updated UL document approvers only. No other changes
Calibration certificate analysis 00-OP-C0032 6.0 2016-07-26
Critical consumables 00-OP-C0033 4.0 2016-9-16
Equipment accuracy 00-OP-C0034 6.0 2016-9-19 / Updated references for “CTL PDSH 251B” to “CTL DSH 251E” / Added leakage current tolerances for values above 5KHz
Equipment calibration intervals 00-OP-C0045 4.0 2016-8-23
Laboratory power quality 00-OP-C0036 10.0 2016-8-9
Acceptance of thermocouple wire 00-OP-C0037 8.0 2016-8-23 / Updated to correct nonoperational link to the address for
In-house Calibration Requirements and use of Non-Accredited Calibration Services Providers 00-OP-C0038 6.0 2016-8-12 / Updated UL document approvers. No other changes.
Environment — laboratory ambient conditions 00-OP-C0035 4.0 2016-8-1 / Updated UL document approvers. No other changes.
TCP/PP product submital form 00-OP-C0044 4.0 2017-2-7 / Updated UL document approvers only. No other changes.
Construction review datasheets (CRD) 00-OP-C0046 1.1 2011-12-28
Authorized Signatory Responsibilities 00-OP-C0401 5.0 2017-5-23 / Updated UL document approvers. No other changes.
CTDP Implementation Guide for DAP Clients 00-OP-C0043 6.0 2018-2-9: Changed the column headings from “Guidance” to “Criteria”.

Clarified wording in to state “There must be records to demonstrate the periodic review of documents at least every 2 years.”

Technical Revisions for UL DAP Client Submittal of Infrared Analysis Data for Fast Track QMFZ2 Generic Type Assignment 00-OP-C0852 1.0 2014-12-10