Health Effects Certification


A global leader in water product certification, UL's water program is fully accredited in the United States, Canada and India to perform certification in health effects standards for a wide range of water product categories.


Manufacturers of products that are used to deliver or treat and will come into contact with potable water are generally required to demonstrate that these products meet the criteria specified in the ANSI/NSF health effect standards. Some products, specifically those used in plumbing, may also be required to meet performance standards. If the product is found to meet the specification of the standard, manufacturers can use the UL Mark.


UL's global footprint, combined with our dedicated team of engineers, chemists and toxicologists specializing in water product certification, ensures that UL has the knowledge and the experience to certify your products thoroughly and accurately. UL actively participates in water product standard committees, industry technical task and joint committee groups, and trade shows to ensure we understand industry concerns and emerging regulatory issues.


For more information on UL's health effects certification services, please contact us at 1.877.854.3577 or at


  • Drinking water treatment chemicals used in coagulation and flocculation, corrosion and scale control, disinfection and oxidation, pH adjustment, precipitation, sequestering, softening.
  • Drinking water system components including: Barrier materials (coatings, linings, liners, cement, cement admixtures) Joining and Sealing materials (adhesives, lubricants, elastomers) Mechanical Devices (valves, pumps, filters, chlorinators) Mechanical Plumbing Devices (faucets and other fixture fitting products) Pipes and related products, process media (activated carbon, sand, ion-exchange resin, regenerated media).
  • Drinking water treatment units including point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE) systems.
  • Rainwater catchment systems including roofing materials, cisterns, gutters, pumps and solar panels.


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